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It seemed after years of incessant and arbitrary crackdowns by federal agents on marijuana operations in legal purgatory by way of incongruous state and federal laws, there was finally a reprieve with the “Cole memo.” marijuana

In 2013, the Obama administration issued a new policy, by way of Deputy Attorney General James Cole’s memo, that essentially promised to back off businesses that were abiding well-regulated state marijuana system laws. With that, the marijuana industry saw a boom, with the anticipation of topping $25 billion by 2020. A total of 28 states – including now Florida – have some form of legalized medicinal marijuana, while eight states allow it for recreational use.

But now, it seems, the Trump administration may throw a wrench in that cog. Marijuana still remains illegal under federal law, and absent action from Congress, that’s unlikely to change. It seemed initially after Trump’s unexpected win he would maintain the status quo, at least with regard to federal marijuana policy. But status quo has never really been his thing.  Continue reading